NAFIS Group established in 2007 and started its activity in various fields and within 10 years it expanded to become one of the most successful private holdings in Iran with 26 companies and a variety of activities in different industries.

NAFIS Group’s innovative technology and branding have propelled its growth and success and through innovative thinking, focused investment, expansion strategies and branding, in less than a decade it has become one of the most profitable holdings in Iran. Nafis Group also has a successful partnership and collaboration with global brands, benefiting from their experiences and accelerating its growth.

Nafis Group has established Nafis Energy as the specialized company in oil, gas, petrochemical and energy infrastructure using group’s resources and accumulated experiences to develop the market.

Nafis Energy, always committed to excellence, our experts are required to be constantly up to date and familiar with cutting edge technologies related to this industry.

To promote and develop activities, Nafis Energy is acting as agent and signing a partnership with international well known companies.

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