J Type Metering Pump(API675)

J Type Metering Pump(API675)


Designed with N-shaft of high bearing capacity, stepless regulation of flow rate 0 ~ 100%; two types of the plunger and diaphragm; 11 frame series and thousands of models; designed and manufactured in strict accordant with GB/T7782-2008 Metering pump as well as API 675.

Design data:

Capacity: 0.2~30000L/h, maximum discharge pressure reaches 50Mpa, transferring liquid temperature is -95℃~450℃, transferring liquid viscosity reaches 6000mm2/s .


It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, power plant , metallurgy industry, environmental protection, medicine , food  and national defense  field and so on. And it can be developed into special purpose metering pump such as electric control, pneumatic control, variable speed and frequency, hi-temperature, hi-viscosity, suspension, liquefied gas, plastic pump-head and double pump-head types.


Design by: Atmosphere